FIP2 – BM07

Biological macromolecular crystallography

Beamline – BM07 (web site)

This beamline is specially dedicated to the crystallography of biological macromolecules over a wide range of wavelengths, with the possibility of using the anomalous signal.
It also allows you to work at room temperature.
Thanks to this tool, it is possible to reveal the three-dimensional structure on the atomic scale of biological macro-molecules in order to answer fundamental questions, but also to address therapeutic or industrial issues.



> Macromolecular crystallography
> Multi-wavelength anomalous scattering
> “In situ” diffraction (using drop plate)
> “On-line” spectroscopy



2005-2015 :
> 313 publications
> H index : 41
> average number of citations per article : 19,6
> most cited publications in their field (Incites Essential Science Indicators) :
2 publications are in the 1% most cited,
12% of publications are in the 10% most cited,
26% of publications are in the 20% most cited.

Flagship publications
> Iterative design of a helically folded aromatioligoamide sequence for the selective encapsulation of fructose, Chandramouli N., Ferrand Y., Lautrette G., Kauffmann B., Mackereth C.D., Laguerre M., Dubreuil D., Huc I., Nature Chemistry 7(4), 334-341, (2015).
> Lactate racemase is a nickel-dependent enzyme activated by a widespread maturation system, Desguin B., Goffin P., Viaene E., Kleerebezem M., Martin-Diaconescu V., Maroney M.J., Declercq J.P., Soumillion P. and Hols P., Nature Communications 5, 3615-1-3615-12, (2014).
> Structural insight into magnetochrome-mediated magnetite biomineralization, Siponen M.I., Legrand P., Widdrat M., Jones S.R., Chang M.C.Y., Faivre D., Arnoux P. and Pignol D., Nature 502, 681-684, (2013).
> A bacterial protein targets the BAHD1 chromatin complex to stimulate type III interferon response, Lebreton A., Lakisic G., Job V., Fritsch L., Tham T.N., Camejo A., Matteï P.J., Regnault B., Nahori M.A., Cabanes D., Gautreau A., Ait-Si-Ali S., Dessen A., Cossart P. and Bierne H., Science 331, 1319-1321, (2011).