Absorption spectroscopy, Earth Science and environment

BM30 beamline (see the public webpage or the user-dedicated webpage)

FAME is dedicated to x-ray absorption spectroscopy. Thanks to the combination of photon flux optimization, stability and fluorescence detection, the installation offers the possibility to probe chemical elements with concentrations ranging from 50ppm to 100%, in various conditions: in situ (high pressure and high temperature), operando (cell for electrochemistry or catalysis), at low temperature (for samples sensitive to beam damage or for phase transition studies).

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> Ex situ and in situ chemical speciation of trace elements by x-ray absorption spectroscopy
> Modes : transmission & fluorescence
> Techniques : XANES & EXAFS




289 publications since 2002
> H index : 43
> average number of citations by article : 22

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Highlight publications
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Earth and Planetary Science Letters 427, 104-111, (2015).
> Important role for the trisulfur radical ion S3- in the formation of gold deposits on Earth Pokrovski G.S., Maria A. Kokh M.A., Guillaume D., Anastassia Y., et al.,
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2015).
> Copper distribution and speciation in bamboo exposed to a high Cu concentration and Si supplementation. First evidence on the presence of reduced copper bound to sulfur compounds in Poaceae, Collin B., Doelsch E., Keller C., Cazevieille P., et al.,
Environmental Pollution 187, 22-30, (2014).
> Photocatalysis with Chromium-Doped TiO2: Bulk and Surface Doping, Ould-Chikh S., Proux O., Afanasiev P., Khrouz L., et al.,
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