D2AM – BM02

Multi-wavelength Anomalous Diffraction and Scattering

Beamline BM02 (see website)

D2AM is a beamline dedicated to in situ or operando materials science: reciprocal space systematic exploration, measurement of weak diffraction or scattering signals, at large and small angles, use of the anomalous effect.

One can conduct fundamental or applied research on all aspects of the materials complexity: atomic structure, defects, chemical order/disorder, microstructures, scales hierarchy, heterogeneity.
The new Kappa diffractometer and scattering bench can analyse samples in various environments: low and high temperatures, electro-chemistry, liquid process growth, tensile machine…

The new X-Ray optics delivers a stable monochromatic flux with the following characteristics:

  • 80 x 150 µm2 beam,
  • 6 to 40 keV,
  • flux of 1011 photons/s on the sample.

The use of 2D hybrid pixel XPAD detectors allows extremely fast acquisitions.


Nano-structured thin films and nano-materials

> Deformation fields, chemical composition: nano-wires, magnetic alloys, micro-electronic materials, IT technologies.

Multi-scale and heterogeneous materials

> Distortion, segregation, microstructure, defects, composition: metallic alloys, under temperature and external constraints, ceramics, cultural heritage, composite materials.

Polymers and solutions

> Morphology, organisation, ageing and constraints, cavitation: doped polymers, nanoparticules, life interfacing poly-electrolytes.


Scientific fields of the D2AM publications since 1996


> Diffraction, Scattering, in grazing incidence
> Multi-wavelength diffraction  spectroscopy
> Anomalous scattering at small and large angles



 849 publications since 1996 (feb. 2020)

2005-2015 :
> 417 publications
> H index : 34
> average citation number per article : 12,3
> most cited publications in their domain (Incites Essential Science Indicators) :
3 publications among the 1 % most cited,
11 % of publications within the 10 % most cited,
26 % of publications within the 20 % most cited.

Key Publications
> Atomic structure of the binary icosahedral Yb-Cd quasicrystal, Takakura H., Gomez C. P., Yamamoto A. , De boissieu M., Nature materials 6 , 58-63 (2007).
> Strain-Induced Molecular Ordering in Polylactide upon Uniaxial Stretching, Stoclet G., Seguela R., Lefebvre J. M., et al., Macromolecules 43,1488-1498 (2010).
> Influence of alloy composition and heat treatment on precipitate composition in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys, Marlaud T., Deschamps A., Bley F., et al., Acta Materialia 58, 248-260 (2010).
> Nucleation mechanism of GaN nanowires grown on (111) Si by molecular beam epitaxy, Landre O., Bougerol C., Renevier H., et al., Nanotechnology 20 (2009).