CNRS Thematic School ASTER’X 2021

CNRS Thematic School ASTER’X (Analysis by Spectroscopies, Tomography and X-ray Emission) proposes a complete training (theoretical basis, practicals, data analysis) on X-ray Absorption Spectroscopies, Emission and imaging (tomography and ptychography), non-destructive analysis techniques using X-rays. These techniques allow to characterize the speciation of a target element and to specify its position in complex matrix. They are extensively used in Earth and environmental sciences. Tools involved in this school are these in operation on national facilities FAME and FAME-UHD (at the ESRF) and the two tomographs of the MATRIX platform (CEREGE, Aix-en-Provence). These equipments are now gathered in a national network, ReGEF (Réseau Géochimique et Expérimental Français). The school will gathered 20 trainees during 5 days.

ASTER’X will take place both in the permanent training building of CNRS-Alpes, and on the FAME and FAME-UHD beamlines at the ESRF, from 6th to 10th December 2021. The courses, tutorials and practicals will take place in French.

Planning prévisionnel ASTER'X
Schedule (first draft)

Fundings: CNRS (INSU), RéGEF, Institut Néel (Axe Transverse Grands Instruments), UGA-INPG, LabEx OSUG@2020